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Wednesday, October 8th, 2008


In the .profile or .bashrc add the following lines:

stty ek
stty erase ^H
export EDITOR


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Saturday, May 10th, 2008

Management Commands

Commands for managing project attributes include the following:

  • projects Imovane For Sale, : Displays project memberships for users, lists projects from the project database, prings information on given projects.
  • newtask: Executes the shell or command in a new task in the current project.
  • projadd: Adds a new entry to the /etc/project entry.
  • projmod: Modifies information for a project in /etc/project.
  • projdel: Deletes a project from /etc/project.
  • rctladm: Displays/modifies global state of active resource controls, sets logging or actions.
  • prctl: Displays/modifies local resource controls.
  • ipcs: Identifies which IPC objects are being used in a project.
  • rcapadm: Manages rcapd memory-capping daemon.
  • prstat -J: Displays resource consumption on a per-project basis
  • priocntl -i project-name: Sets/displays scheduling parameters of the project.
  • poolbind -i project-name: Assigns a project to a resource pool.
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