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While upgrading OEM from to I got the following error:

Phentermine For Sale, [Text: Required RDBMS package: DBMS_AQ doesnt exist on this database. This package is needed for the proper functioning of the EM product, buy Phentermine online cod. Buy cheap Phentermine no rx, Please contact Oracle support to diagnose the RDBMS and once resolved, retry EM install.]

This was caused by the sys password not being the same on all instances, Phentermine from canada. Buy Phentermine no prescription, The root cause was that a DBA had changed the sys password on a single instance to do some maintenance and did not change it back. This caused sys connections to the rac database to succeed and fail intermittently, order Phentermine from United States pharmacy. Fast shipping Phentermine,

The fix was to resync the sys password by running the following from sqlplus as the sysdba:
SQL> alter user sys identified by "correct_password";
Once the passwords were correctly synced, the upgrade ran fine.

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