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Famvir For Sale, Here is a simple way to syncronize schema passwords from one Oracle database to another. On the source database run the following sqlplus command:

SQL> select 'alter user ' || username || ' identified by values '''||  password ||''';'
from dba_users where username in ('GMADMIN', generic Famvir, Cheap Famvir no rx, 'GM_0','GM_0_REPORT', Famvir coupon, Famvir images, 'GM_0_STATS');

That will produce the following output which you can run on your new database:
alter user GM_0_REPORT identified by values 'SJINE200223';
alter user GM_0_STATS identified by values 'SKDNO9S9S';
alter user GM_0 identified by values 'SD8HF872B34';
alter user GMADMIN identified by values 'SN828WWHB88';

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