faster mongrel?

I’ve seen reports of ‘fcgi’ running quicker than mongrel behind nginx. The reporters make the presumption that it is because of unix sockets. So then I wonder if changing evented mongrel to use unix sockets would speed it up (easier to do that than changing mongrel itself, I’d imagine). And perhaps re-using connections would help, as well.

ruby stuffs

test_get_sockname.rb:20: syntax error, unexpected kAND, expecting ‘)’     assert(peername and !peername.blank?)
means “replace your and with &&’s!” NoMethodError: undefined method `assert’ for #<#<Class:0x489e78>:0x489d10> means ‘wrap your asserts with parentheses

./p2p_server.rb:223:in `startServer’: undefined method `P2PServerConnection’ for #<P2PServer:0xb763f6ac> (NoMethodError)

with eventmachine

means ‘put parenthesis around your arguments, it thinks the last parameter is a function call!

mingw ruby-prof

install normal, then copy the .so to your i36-mingw directory, then create bin\ruby-prof.cmd

@ruby “c:/ruby_mingw4/bin/ruby-prof” %*

amazingly. Wow.

It won’t be compiled by default with object allocations enabled.  Wow is all I can say.

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