Django faster good comparison of frameworks–django about 4x the speed of Ruby, which feels about right.  In the end not as big, as DB becomes a bottleneck (and no comparison of it with php, so…hey it’s just new age stuff, right?)

unable to login to ssh

So…setup your ssh keys and then it still just…doesn’t work?  Scan /var/messages for sshd — it might say

stormtrooper sshd[22125]: Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /home/rpack
If that’s the case, then go to/home

and <code>chmod og-w rpack</code>. Done.

apache bandwidth limiting

In response to my original post on mod_bw

One note is that  apparently mod_bw got most of its ‘code inspiration’ from an equivalent, on apache 1.3 (says in the files).  GL!

installing apache and mod_rewrite

so…install apache2 and get

Invalid command ‘RewriteEngine’, perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

no matter what you do to try and compile it in?  Try doing make clean, then –enable-rewrite as your parameters to configure.  Worked for me, now to configure it…

spamassassin bug fix

If you setup spamassassin webuserprefs and encounter

“Your settings file could not be found.” despite their existence, it may just mean that the file and directory are not visible to the user apache was run under.  Note that all subdirectories may need to be changed to be executable, possibly.

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