cassandra can you use two secondary indexes at the same time?

On this page:

it says at the bottom “The error is not due to multiple indexes, but the lack of a partition key definition in the query.” which is not right, even if you add a partition key to the query, you can’t use two secondary indexes at the same time. Or you can use a secondary index “by itself” (with no primary key specified) but it will hit “all nodes” to search their various indicies, which isn’t as efficient.

Basically, you almost never want to “allow filtering” so…you’re going to want to move those to a clustering column or to their own table.  Maybe there are other options…

hsqldb woe

hsqldb “type not found or user lacks privilege serial”


meant I was loading a postgres DDL file that creates some tables postgres, trying to run that in my unit tests with an hsqldb.

Which uses different syntax for creating tables.


run this first:

statement.execute("SET DATABASE SQL SYNTAX PGS TRUE"); // allow postgres style table creation

ruby woe

rake full_release
Generated: clean-editing-movie-player.gemspec
clean-editing-movie-player.gemspec is valid.
copying pkg/clean-editing-movie-player-0.42.1/clean-editing-movie-player/template_bats/mac
rake aborted!
unknown file type: pkg/clean-editing-movie-player-0.42.1/clean-editing-movie-player/template_bats/mac
c:/dev/sensible-cinema/Rakefile:136:in `block in <top (required)>’


meant “you are doing a FileUtils.cp_r(here, to_this_Dest) where “here” doesn’t exist…

(windows, ruby 2.2 FWIW)

fifa 18 amd driver woe

detected amd driver version 15.301 the recommended driver version is 16.30 or later.  Please update your drivers at before playing the game

this with a radeon hd 5450

which apparently only has drivers up to 15.7 *available* for it.

Fix/work around: tweak registry

bash regex doesn’t match dots if regex is a string?

This question already has an answer here:

I attempted to do a bash regex with an inline string, like if [[ $var =~ "" ]] but the dot operator doesn’t seem to work? It does work as expected if I assign it as a variable first, here’s an example:


if [[ "$var" =~ $regex ]]
    echo "matches when used as var" # it gets here
    echo "doesn't match!"

if [[ "$var" =~ "$regex" ]]
    echo "matches"
    echo "doesn't match when used as string?" # it gets here

Same result if I use =~ ""

It appears to only match the “period character” not the regex style match any char style…

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