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libsnappy woe

cross compile


/home/joshua/dev/ffmpeg-windows-build-helpers/sandbox/win64/snappy_git/ error: ‘ABSL_ATTRIBUTE_ALWAYS_INLINE’ does not name a type
/home/joshua/dev/ffmpeg-windows-build-helpers/sandbox/win64/snappy_git/ In instantiation of ‘void snappy::SnappyDecompressor::DecompressAllTags(Writer*) [with Writer = snappy::SnappyArrayWriter]’:
/home/joshua/dev/ffmpeg-windows-build-helpers/sandbox/win64/snappy_git/ required from ‘bool snappy::InternalUncompressAllTags(snappy::SnappyDecompressor*, Writer*, snappy::uint32, snappy::uint32) [with Writer = snappy::SnappyArrayWriter; snappy::uint32 = unsigned int]’
/home/joshua/dev/ffmpeg-windows-build-helpers/sandbox/win64/snappy_git/ required from here
/home/joshua/dev/ffmpeg-windows-build-helpers/sandbox/win64/snappy_git/ error: ‘class snappy::SnappyArrayWriter’ has no member named ‘AppendFromSelf’
if (!writer->AppendFromSelf(copy_offset, length, &op)) goto exit;
/home/joshua/dev/ffmpeg-windows-build-helpers/sandbox/win64/snappy_git/ error: ‘class snappy::SnappyArrayWriter’ has no member named ‘AppendFromSelf’
if (!writer->AppendFromSelf(copy_offset, length, &op)) goto exit;


meant + do_git_checkout snappy_git e9e11b84e629c3e06fbaa4f0a86de02ceb9d6992 # got weird failure once

jruby woe

SyntaxError: /Users/packrd/dev/family-history-screen-saver/lib/flickr_photo.rb:15: dynamic constant assignment



meant “put the


 at the root level, not within a class, then it works”

ffmpeg woe


  CCLD     grayquant_reg.exe

make[2]: *** No rule to make target `hash_reg.c’, needed by `hash_reg.o’.  Stop.

make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs….

  CCLD     hardlight_reg.exe

make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

make: *** [all] Error 2




nuke leptonica_git folder, try again

How to get past addiction

What happens is that when you “do your addition” (work, porn, any addiction), you feel better so it takes some edge off the underlying… pain, tension, whatever it is.  That’s why getting into the “addiction cycle” (wanting to do things, then when you feel anxious as you withdraw, you want to do it more and again, but more this time) is so easy.  The underlying thing “pulls you into” the cycle.
Once you discover any underlying causes, need to try to address those first.
Some ways to find the underlying problem:
Here’s one way to find them, do this like 1/week for awhile.  Until patterns emerge, basically.
You’ll be writing it to “your wife” (in theory) but she never needs to read it, basically it’s to “dive deeper”
The other way is this listening system, it requires a buddy to introspect you:
this google doc  “The “if they hurt” listening pattern template” can help (it’s a work in progress of a bigger system LOL).
Therapy, if you can find a therapist who’s actually willing to try and “dig deep” enough to find it.  Some forms of therapy help more, some less, try out a few different therapists.
Once you actually identify the root of the problem…I don’t know exactly how to proceed, but knowledge is power.  To fix it.
Some hypotheses:
  Feel like your parents didn’t raise you well?  That they didn’t treat you as valuable?  Repeat every day while doing breathing exercises “I am already valuable”
This guy: seems to have a hypothesis that if you figure out “what’s the matter” then you can find an environment where you feel “the opposite” and kind of…”do that” more.  So in my case, an environment where I feel “valued” by those around me or what not.  Loved, etc.
But all still prototypes, not sure.
Once you do these things for a few weeks, you’ll find the draw of the attraction diminishes.   Now you’re ready to try and kick it.
That part I also don’t quite know how to do yet.  Current hypothesis:  make a list of “good” or “relaxing” things you “are allowed” to do, try and stick to that list each day?
Another hypothesis:  interrupt the “chain” of events that leads you to do some of your old habits.  Watch for when you fall and detect the pattern, it might look like “first I see the computer, then I sit down, then I login, then I whatever” so it’d be interrupt any one of those steps, even if it’s just “put a timer in front of the computer so I have to wait for it for 4 minutes before logging in” it may help disrupt the flow.
Ideas?  Leave comments below.

amazon tech support can you use amazon unlimited with extended family not living with you?

today mar 4 2020


Ganesan | Customer Service

Hello Debra

12:01 PM

Hi Ganesan!

12:01 PM

Ganesan | Customer Service

How may I help you today?

12:01 PM

I was referred here for a question on “Can I share my “Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan” with extended family members?”
the question is

12:01 PM

Ganesan | Customer Service

???I can understand your concern.I’ll surely help you with this.?

12:02 PM

Basically I’m married, I have my own “family” [kids], can I share a Family Plan with my wife and also with my brothers and sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, who don’t live with me (extended family, not living in same household) as well as immediate family? Docs say: “family members…with accounts…who are over 13” … (that I trust with my payment method I guess LOL) and also “members of your family” … ?

12:02 PM

Ganesan | Customer Service

Amazon Music Unlimited Family subscribers enjoy the same features that an Amazon Music Unlimited Individual subscriber enjoys. But, instead of paying per person, a family includes the primary subscriber, plus 5 family members.
Six individual streams can be enjoyed at the same time.
Each family member can build a music library, stream on mobile devices, and make music available for offline playback.

12:02 PM

OK, I’m the primary subscriber, who can count as a family member, can they be my extended family in various directions at the same time?
not living in my household?

12:03 PM

Ganesan | Customer Service

Note: Each member can stream music simultaneously on multiple devices using the same account.

12:04 PM

Yeah I’m not worried about running out of streams per se, just the legality of adding extended family members (not living with me) to my family streaming membership (within the limit of 6), is it allowed?

12:06 PM

Ganesan | Customer Service

For example, you can play music on a compatible device in your living room and kitchen (from your account), while four other family members play music on their own devices (from their accounts) for a total of six streams.
Each of the six family members (primary subscriber and five secondary members) have their own account, and six individual streams can be used at the same time

12:07 PM

Nice. Yeah I’m not worried about running out of streams per se, just the “is it allowed” of adding extended family members (not living with me) to my family streaming membership (within the limit of 6), is it allowed? Ex: to add my wife, mom, 1 kid, and an uncle, aunt, that don’t live with me?

12:09 PM

Ganesan | Customer Service

Yes Roger,
Yes you will add to your family member.But all family members on the subscription must live in the same country.

12:11 PM

OK so mixed, extended family members (not living with me, but living in the same country) is allowed, that’s right?

12:12 PM

Ganesan | Customer Service

Yes that’s right.

12:13 PM

OK perfect, thank you for your time Ganesan.

12:13 PM

Ganesan | Customer Service

Thanks for your understanding. You’re most Welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with today? ?

12:13 PM

Have a great day, that’s it for me!

12:13 PM

Ganesan | Customer Service

Thanks much.

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