Very good list. Only thing I’d maybe add is that even “eating in” the food budget can be painful. A few tips: buy less meat (or none). Shop grocery sales. Maybe avoid costco typically except for gas, staples and sales, that place adds up waay fast (but the credit card 5% off gas is nice). Shop aldi’s/winco for groceries, of available. Keep track of which prices for which foods are “good prices” so you can shop the ads reliably. Compare grocery stores prices so you can know what a “good” price is. Stock up on the very good sales (of things you like to eat). Already mentioned but bicycle to get to public transportation. Buy clothes at a thrift store. Buy anything thrift stores offer at thrift stores. Buy some things at dollar stores (that actually sell for $1 LOL phone cables come to mind, some kitchen things). Use an evaporative cooler if you happen to be where they work at all. Or set the temperature higher. Phone plan: I’d go with mint or visible party these days. Do you need fast home internet or can you make by with tethering/slower plan? Buy a car super used and learn to fix it up yourself (scary but actually sometimes possible, with youtubes and a lot of time). Got a plumbing problem, youtube it, fix it yourself, ask a friend for help. Buy some things off ebay instead of amazon from chinese sellers and wait the 6 weeks for delivery LOL. Drop the prime membership you’ll find yourself spending a lot less on amazon. Tiny home an option? Maybe in a trailer park? Could you take an evening course at a local school and upgrade salary? evening course for several years and upgrade? Tiny home in an RV park? The one problem of course is that you don’t really want to always feel like you’re spending nothing. I’d recommend a budget (“spending plan”) like “OK I still want to eat out xx/month, so besides that money, let’s scrimp on the rest” or something to balance your life a bit. Speaking of which, solely saving “cuz you want money” might make you miserable and be a symptom of some other problem in early childhood. Be careful.
Social engagements with board games. Paypal credit card gets 2% back on all purchases. Bring a lunch to work. You maybe could still eat out with coworkers but order just one tiny thing and drink a lot of water (haven’t tried this but came to mind LOL). In general the “auto save” is good advice. It’s either that or strict budgeting. You want your account to look as if you’re broke. Then you’ll tend to spend as if you are (and naturally follow some of the other advice). Studio or shared room? Even couples can sometimes rent out a room in a house. Depending on municipality. Maybe not super good advice but you may be able to draft a “small sum” from retirement savings.

I guess my next question is how do you put your job on pause for a year…quit? Try not to burn bridges LOL. Maybe a remote job not sure if that’s workable or not.

Other suggestion (kind of mentioned) is you can airbnb your house while you’re traveling. Maybe save up for an RV for long distance travel (buy used LOL). Then you can travel maybe more cheaply?

Also not (?) addressed is health insurance while you’re out?

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