moto x republic wireless

got these messages, cell data works, cell text work, cell calls “never work”

  • What happens when you try to call on cellular?
“call guard you are on domestic roaming and charges may apply per plan.”
Then it stays silent, eventually says “call ended”
  • Can you receive calls and send or receive messages?
No incoming or outgoing calls (incoming says “the republic wireless member you have called is not available”).
Texts work fine.
cellular network not available
when call
Next, you mentioned when you were receiving a “call guard” notification.  To disable call guard, please follow the steps provided here. (didn’t help)
  • OK after “waiting a night” wifi calling started working. However the little “cell strength” indicator keeps going from normal to “having a little exclamation point” above it, then back, looping. Very odd. Also get the “call guard” notification when making a call over cell…

  • also sometimes a white triangle above the cell signal strength indicator.  then it flips off.

So my advice: go through a tech support ticket with them.  Do all the steps they say.

Then eventually it (might be fixed or they might respond with this):

Thank you for following up. It appears that the cellular antenna in the phone is not functioning, even though the 3G data antenna continues to work. At this time, we believe you are in need of a replacement device. I’m sorry to say, It appears that your device is currently out of warranty. In situations such as this, your device may be able to be repaired (however, this is not a service that Republic Wireless offers at this time).

Motorola may be able to repair this device for you, but you would need to contact them directly for help. There are a few different ways to contact Motorola:

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