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  1. maven should start up much faster, also it shouldn’t run unit tests that don’t appear to “have changed” based on classes they use/require. indeed yikes!

  2. a “sourceforge” but like miro, asks for donation when they checkout, shares “ad revenue” with them…instructions on opencandy? hmm…..what does imgburn use…hmm…don’t like dirty stuff…

  3. kantaris doesn’t cut it for the “free” VLC replacement [no awesome library support, not cross platform]

    The insidiuousness of opencandy is that “end users” are forced to choose an option, and the “top most” option is to install the offer, so it makes end users “feel” like the option is part of the installer. It feels just barely wrong. It should default to “not install” but will it? I doubt it…

  4. super “safe youtube controller” “my kids can just watch from this playlist” or “can just watch this one” or “can just watch this long”

  5. open source imdb

    open source “DVD DB” or whatever it is. “matching” subs. oh man.
    chapter names/pictures, pictures, etc.
    images from wikipedia 🙂

    clickable etc.

    like mymovies…oh wait…oh and md5’s too LOL.

  6. the chest plate for blind people, plus they can zoom in and out easily somehow. (like adjustable with their tongue, or finger, or tap your chest or the like

  7. maintain nailgun, make it work more like spork 😛 “server” LOL. With super “init” for jruby apps…like it could spit out $LOADED_FEATURES at close, pre-reload those…or do what spork does today…maybe just interface with spork…

    anyway maintain nailgun, +- make it into a cooler server someway

    INSTEAD of coding up a cooler java compiler/crystalizer compiler/double compiler/”save the profile guided optimization from one run to the next” [you kind of get that last one for free…kind of…with today’s nailgun…maybe it can be instructed on how to ‘warm up’ hotspot for each app’s style too?]

    maybe something like jqs for it, too?

  8. true “cloud based” computing, where you checkout an image, use it “for a day” in your browser, then you’re done with it.

    Either that or you “download” the image somehow run it on your local machine. ( wrap virtualbox to “secure” it. LOL. Ooh then you could save your images, too (upload them to the website) so you could start over the next day (cached, locally) or on some other computer, or remote use it for a higher fee. Yes!

  9. a time tracker program that checks “are you logged into this website? bad! are you runnning this program during these hours? bad!” integrate with pomodoro

  10. HTML is cool but doesn’t seem to cut it somehow. Invent/create a newer/better. Better than flash too yuck!

    and full screen it so it can work with your desktop LOL.

  11. looks like I could maintain smplayer and people would like that. Except…except…VLC is a bit more popular LOL.
    Maintain VLC instead! yes! maintain it! LOL

  12. VLC does sound awesome…plus wrapping it I could contribute back upstream 😛

    Also add to it “awesome audio plugins” etc. that most people don’t have access to.

  13. a “like sourceforge,” but actually share the money from ads with the developers/help them fund raise/give them a higher percentage of the yields LOL.

  14. an “auto repackaging” tool for OpenCandy stuff/work out the subtle bugs/annoyances in programs + redistro/ “these have been scanned virus free free store” perhaps one of them

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