mplayer -hr-edl-seek


Use a more precise, but much slower method for skipping areas. Areas marked for skipping are not seeked over, instead all frames are decoded, but only the necessary frames are encoded. This allows starting at non-keyframe boundaries.
NOTE : Not guaranteed to work right with ‘-ovc copy’.

note: it’s mencoder only, doesn’t mean anything to mplayer I guess [?]

That last message means “if your EDL goes between i-frame boundaries it won’t transcode right” (but means that if you *are* transcoding, the EDL will work more accurately, see

2 thoughts on “mplayer -hr-edl-seek”

  1. can you give an example of the command?
    use like “-slave -quiet -hr -edl -seek”+movieName??

  2. appears you *cannot* use it with mplayer (maybe it isn’t needed, anyway? you’d have to ask the mplayer guys 🙂
    you can use it with mencoder though.
    or you can try it, if you’d like
    basically just add -hr-edl-seek to your command line…

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