3 thoughts on “how to stepthrough debug jruby core in netbeans”

  1. irb(main):003:0> import org.familysearch.digitalarchive.clientdata.ChildrenData;
    irb(main):005:0* 3
    NameError: undefined local variable or method `org’ for main:Object
    from (irb):3
    irb(main):006:0> require ‘java’

  2. From the datamapper wiki:

    Debugging (in java code).

    Set breakpoints in the do_jdbc Java code in NetBeans or another IDE. Run the specs for the driver you are interested in, with the debugger:

    jruby -J-Xdebug -J-Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=9009,server=y,suspend=y -S rake spec
    Back in NetBeans, click Debug > Attach Debugger…. Set the port to 9009, and accept the other defaults. You should now be able to step-through, over and into code.

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