videolan cannot stream directshow audio and video (no audio)

This bizarre little turns of events:

you stream using VLC on windows, (for me using directshow input for video and audio), and then you try and watch the stream using VLC and there is no audio.

Interestingly, if you capture the stream then play it with MPlayer, you *do* hear audio–in fact, you *only* hear audio, where VLC plays it as video only–no audio.

Anyway the fix, I believe originally hinted here:

Is to transcode to mp3 instead of to AAC.  Then VLC can play it and all is well. Wow. Bizarre.

3 thoughts on “videolan cannot stream directshow audio and video (no audio)”

  1. another symptom of “no audio” was that the audio was “muted” in windows 7 when I started the capture, because I had unplugged my headphone’s cable. So apparently windows 7/vista *disabled* audio when I unplugged it, so keep something plugged in there at all times! (or at least at startup……)

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