list of available directshow screen capture filters

VLC itself has a “capture desktop” mode though apparently it doesn’t work with sound.  It feels a tidge slower than (if you’re on Windows) using a directshow input source that also captures the desktop.

Here’s a list of the ones I’ve found that are free to download. (my own, a shameless plug–it’s free and open source!)

download it from here: uscreencapture, works ok.

Other options: seems quick, though I haven’t looked at them too closely (note: it expires after a time trial, so after that point you can no longer use it after that time without purchasing it). pretty fast, adds a water mark to your output though unless you pay. $500 is said to be pretty nice.  Haven’t tried it but looks good.  Looks like it’s open source and LGPL licensed: (though possibly unmaintained?) and also

VidBlaster video switcher software is rumored to have a capture device. also has one (or used to, at least).  It might even capture direct3d windows, it’s unclear. can accept screen capture and “stream” it (doesn’t have a directshow virtual capture device, itself, AFAIK).

FFmpeg has a “gdigrab” input option [which doesn’t offer audio capture] for capturing the windows desktop.

So far I prefer my own, the topmost one.  I even take feature requests!

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  1. I couldn’t get vlc nor your own ‘record screen or audio using current settings for a variable number of seconds’ to see any DirectShow desktop VIDEO capture filter (“C:\Program Files\Screen Capturer Recorder\configuration_setup_utility\timed_recording.bat”).

    Doesn’t your vlc example actually use the built in desktop as a video capture device, not the DirectShow video ( ?

    Have I understood it right? is a DirectShow desktop capture filter loaded FOR VIDEO (as well as audio) with the “setup Screen Capturer Recorder v0.3.8.exe”( ?

    Do you have a YouTube demo of how to set-up vlc including the VIDEO DirectShow desktop capture filter (as well as the Audio). Can you please consider this as a request?

    Any Help appreciated.

  2. Great lil tool you have there! runs very smooth so far! I love it! i just hope it can handle large files. Is there anything i should be warned about?


  3. first of all thanks for the time put into this subject,for this thread and for making it open-source,
    my question is : is it possible to create a directshow filter for recording Directx and openGL processes?

    thanks again

  4. I am unaware of anything (open source) that records to a directshow filter. I will ask the OBS people about it (ffsplit…might…do it too? maybe? but maybe not?)

  5. Thanks for the 0.9.2 update! I loved 0.9.1 but it didnt work anymore when I switched to windows 8. Now i can use it again since medialooks is asking for a licence

  6. I am not able to get the stream play in VLC. It just displays as white with noises.
    I am a newbee to this. so could you help me in configuring . i used VLC to stream

  7. When I use your plugin, I get a black screen when I try to record fullscreen games, both when using the DirectShow filter in VLC, and with your app. Any suggestions?

  8. Hi!

    Screen Capturer Recorder + VLC player worked like a charm. I can now stream PC audio to HTTP.

    This way I can redirect sound to my external system (Sonos).

    However I also hear the sound in my PC speaker… How can I avoid that?


  9. if you want to stream a specific audio file you could do that through vlc. If you want to stream ‘what’s playing’ then…I think it’s unavoidable, though using system mute “might” work?

  10. HI

    would you please have a look at desktop duplication api on windows8.its very fast for screen capture.I hope you can add this to your project.

  11. Downloaded and installed Screen Capture Recorder. It records audio well – but the video appears as stripes on a screen. It did not capture the video that was playing. Is there anything I need to do to alter the settings? Thanks for your help

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  13. I’d love to be able to use this as an input device for recording video into One Note for recording online meetings! One Note records video from my webcam, and your recorder does show up in the list of devices it will capture from, but unfortunately the video never plays like it does when recorded from my webcam, and only about a half-second of audio plays.

    Any ideas for a fix?


  14. As one poster said up above, have you looked into the Windows 8 Desktop Duplication API? As far as I can tell, no one has written anything to expose that API to Directshow or any high-level programming language. And since I’m not a DirectX programmer, I can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

    I’d like to have such a thing for an application I’m building (with plans to sell commercially). Would you ever do something like this for a fee? Contact me if you’re interested.

  15. Hello, how do you generate the .bat file that starts VLC with the stream settings from VLC GUI ?
    I use screen-capture but all I get is stripes on the screen

  16. Hi Roger

    Thanks for your screen capture filter. Works great.
    I want to stream high frame rates ( > 10) RTMP video using H.264 encoding using ffmpeg.
    How does the DirectShow compare to the gdigrab ?


  17. It should be barely slower, with one extra memory copy, but I doubt that will be the cpu bottleneck that will probably be in the encoding, so about the same overall. gdigrab does have a “green outline” feature mine lacks still, but pretty similar.

  18. I’m looking for a simple command line utility that will list direct show video and audio sources. Ffmpeg does this, but the executable is enormous. I’d like a small command line tool to do this. Could I hire you to build me such a tool?

    Thank you.

  19. Hi
    Just found your utility to capture screen video and audio
    I am finding though the audio is out sync, is there any setting I need to look at to prevent this, if not I can always use avisynth to sort the sync issue afterwards
    Video runs very smooth even at high resolution capturing

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