list of available directshow screen capture filters

VLC itself has a “capture desktop” mode though apparently it doesn’t work with sound.  It feels a tidge slower than (if you’re on Windows) using a directshow input source that also captures the desktop.

Here’s a list of the ones I’ve found that are free to download. (my own, a shameless plug–it’s free and open source!)

download it from here: uscreencapture, works ok.

Other options: seems quick, though I haven’t looked at them too closely (note: it expires after a time trial, so after that point you can no longer use it after that time without purchasing it). pretty fast, adds a water mark to your output though unless you pay. $500 is said to be pretty nice.  Haven’t tried it but looks good.  Looks like it’s open source and LGPL licensed: (though possibly unmaintained?) and also

VidBlaster video switcher software is rumored to have a capture device. also has one (or used to, at least).  It might even capture direct3d windows, it’s unclear. can accept screen capture and “stream” it (doesn’t have a directshow virtual capture device, itself, AFAIK).

FFmpeg has a “gdigrab” input option [which doesn’t offer audio capture] for capturing the windows desktop.

So far I prefer my own, the topmost one.  I even take feature requests!

25 thoughts on “list of available directshow screen capture filters

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  2. I couldn’t get vlc nor your own ‘record screen or audio using current settings for a variable number of seconds’ to see any DirectShow desktop VIDEO capture filter (“C:\Program Files\Screen Capturer Recorder\configuration_setup_utility\timed_recording.bat”).

    Doesn’t your vlc example actually use the built in desktop as a video capture device, not the DirectShow video ( ?

    Have I understood it right? is a DirectShow desktop capture filter loaded FOR VIDEO (as well as audio) with the “setup Screen Capturer Recorder v0.3.8.exe”( ?

    Do you have a YouTube demo of how to set-up vlc including the VIDEO DirectShow desktop capture filter (as well as the Audio). Can you please consider this as a request?

    Any Help appreciated.

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  4. Great lil tool you have there! runs very smooth so far! I love it! i just hope it can handle large files. Is there anything i should be warned about?


  5. first of all thanks for the time put into this subject,for this thread and for making it open-source,
    my question is : is it possible to create a directshow filter for recording Directx and openGL processes?

    thanks again

  6. I am unaware of anything (open source) that records to a directshow filter. I will ask the OBS people about it (ffsplit…might…do it too? maybe? but maybe not?)

  7. Thanks for the 0.9.2 update! I loved 0.9.1 but it didnt work anymore when I switched to windows 8. Now i can use it again since medialooks is asking for a licence

  8. I am not able to get the stream play in VLC. It just displays as white with noises.
    I am a newbee to this. so could you help me in configuring . i used VLC to stream

  9. When I use your plugin, I get a black screen when I try to record fullscreen games, both when using the DirectShow filter in VLC, and with your app. Any suggestions?

  10. Hi!

    Screen Capturer Recorder + VLC player worked like a charm. I can now stream PC audio to HTTP.

    This way I can redirect sound to my external system (Sonos).

    However I also hear the sound in my PC speaker… How can I avoid that?


  11. if you want to stream a specific audio file you could do that through vlc. If you want to stream ‘what’s playing’ then…I think it’s unavoidable, though using system mute “might” work?

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  13. HI

    would you please have a look at desktop duplication api on windows8.its very fast for screen capture.I hope you can add this to your project.

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  15. Downloaded and installed Screen Capture Recorder. It records audio well – but the video appears as stripes on a screen. It did not capture the video that was playing. Is there anything I need to do to alter the settings? Thanks for your help

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