windows rails benchmarks using various VM’s

Here’s some windows bemchmarks of some rails benchmarks, comparing ruby 1.8.6p398 mingw, 1.9.1p376 mingw, IronRuby 1.0 (.net 4.0), mswin 1.8.6p287, and jruby 1.5.0

The mingw builds are from the rubyinstaller project, the mswin are from the (older) one click project.

This was run on a dual core core 2 duo @ 2.53GHz, windows XP pro, from within console2.

Overall the key to see is “requests under larger app size”, with jruby coming out quickest.  This means that, for deployment, I’d recommend jruby for windows users (does anybody deploy on windows?)

For development, I’d recommend 1.8.6 mingw, since spork now works with it on windows, and startup doesn’t hurt much.  I’m not sure why load time is so abismal on for 1.9.x on windows, but it really is.  If you want to speed that up, you might consider using the faster require gem, which speeds up especially 1.9.x’s load times.

Benchmarks were from the ruby benchmark suite (rails subdirectory).

download raw results here

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