more edl thoughts

Besides my previous posts on “beyond clearplay“, here’s one, idea sparked from

“edits, cuts, fades, wipes, audio, time speedup/slowdown” (not my ideas, but applied to an online streamer, are).

Also a dynamic way to “sync” with an existing “other” program (like an internet streaming service) using audio, manual synchronization [user input], or video synchronization, or even controlling the mouse to click play and pause et al (and/or screen capture to determine current position).

Also the ability to have it “auto recognize” movies as they start or are chosen, web screen overlays (a la browser plugin) to show which have filters, user “selectionable” (they can choose which parts of the filter to apply, which levels of filter ratings to apply, et al), and “rateable” filters.

Also filters which “insert” deleted scenes, or otherwise change ordering.

Also filters which “speedup” certain sections (ex: 2x speed for boring parts), or slow some down.

Also filters which point out “oopsies” in the middle of movies–ex: “put a red circle at this coordinate during this time to point out something”

Also ability to substitute/overlay the normal audio with your own audio track (example, an enthusiast’s talk over for a movie they love/online live web chatting with others watching the same movie, etc).

3 thoughts on “more edl thoughts”

  1. Also filters which pull in external media and play it: ex: during a boring part, play the sound from a youtube video (in place of the normal sound, over it, etc.). Same with video

  2. from final cut pro (wikipedia):

    A binary file which contains all montage information such as timecode information, clip’s in/out-points, size/crop/position, composition nesting, filter settings, automation data, Etc.

    but applied to online streaming or clearplay like video watching.

  3. also image “overlays” (overlay this image with this transparency, or this other film with this transparency, or the soundtrack from this other film or youtube with this audio (comparative) level) etc.

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