a JIT for ruby!

appears there’s a JIT for ruby in progress http://antoniocangiano.com/2009/03/29/why-macruby-matters/


Unfortunately the comments say “supported for linux without the GUI, and on cygwin without the GUI” (which I assume will be the case)…so the question is, will it blend

will it compile on mingw?  Appears that there may be some chance of msys doing the job for the core foundation.  But nobody seems to really try it too much.


cocotron might help.

gnustep might be useful (?)

but cygwin for now 🙂

so for now we actually have 3 ways to speed up ruby

1) use 1.9

2) use jruby –server


3) use macruby experimental

4) roll your own that uses tcmalloc and adjusts the GC parameters to benefit (either MRI (Ruby enterprise edition) or KRI (roll your own).  Oh baby!

5) use ludicrous (for 1.8.x).  Has anybody ever tried this?

wow.  Things are finally easing slightly in terms of performance.

One thought on “a JIT for ruby!”

  1. I’m beginning to think that ruby is *not* for people who care about the execution time of their scripts.
    But maybe these will change that 🙂

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