How to remote control a mac without “screen sharing” turned on (or if screen sharing disabled)

If SSH is enabled, you could actually SCP a copy of “OSXvnc” over to it (a VNC server).

Then start it manually:

$ /Applications/Vine -rfbport 4 -desktop RogerPackMBP (packrd) -donotloadproxy  -localhost -restartonuserswitch N -unicodekeyboard 0 -keyboardloading n -pressmodsforkeys n -eventtap 3 -eventsource 2 -swapbuttons -rendezvous y

Then VNC into that box, whoa! (in this instance, to its port 5904

If it’s just black also run

caffeinate -u -t 2

to wake up display

Haven’t actually *tried* this mind you but maybe…

vine server mac os x how to require system username/password instead of its own password

You can’t, *however* there is a checkbox under preferences of “require remote login (SSH)” that accomplishes something similar.

Basically if you check this, then vine won’t “listen on port XXX” it’ll only list on localhost’s port XXX” (XXX is whatever port it says in the preferences).

with “require remote login (SSH)” checked:

$ sudo netstat -an | grep 590

tcp4 0 0 *.* LISTEN

Which means that, in order to use it, you’ll have to first SSH in, and be using SSH to establish a tunnel through to the localhost port 5902 (i.e. heightened security).

SSH itself requires normal username/password.

You can turn SSH on via preferences -> sharing -> checkbox remote login”

If you want “global external” access in taht configuration then you’d need to somehow expose your boxes port 22 to the world through your router port forwarding. (according to the vine server docs).

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