google photos skipped upload video file too big

Here’s how to get around the “your video file is too big” file size upload limits.


Basically split your video file into pieces first, for instance using the ffmpeg command line tool:

ffmpeg -i long_video.mp4 -c copy -map 0 -f segment -segment_time 240 “out%03d.mp4″


This creates lots of little “out001.mp4 out002.mp4″ files upload those instead.

This is for the case of a file that’s immediately skipped in the upload (at least from the web browser upload mechanism).

ffmpeg copyts sanitize

OK here’s what it does:

it takes your first “input” timestamp, and counts that as “0.0” for that input.

for instance, if you have an MPEG stream and the first packet is a video with timestamp 0.9, that becomes “virtual 0″ for that input.

Same with the next input (-i) setting.

Unless you specify copyts then it doesn’t mess with them.

It might also accomodate for overflows in the timestamps by modifying them “forward” once (only once?)

and that other thing after copyts only does anything if copyts is set.