postgres unique substring slow

postgres string index with first characters


anyway the answer is, if you want to query based on a known substring

ok, if you want “like ‘abc%’ then postgres has a special type of index; (I think varchar_ops or what not…ymmv).

For us, who had a slow select unique substr then adding an index that was the exact same size works:

how to run os x mavericks/yosemite/mountain lion on old mac/macbook

OK I think I figured it out…maybe.  Haven’t tried it yet.

Anyway if you just want these newer OS’s on your box for testing purposes or what have you, here it is:

install virtualbox

install the newer mac OS as a guest virtualbox in your virtualbox system.

Run it from there.

You may need to adjust the cpu [?]

or google for possibly other answers.

Unclear if this will attach devices like iSight, etc….

unfortunately there seems to be no “pay by hour” virtual mac os x VPS hosts currently <sigh>.

digitalocean console access problem Failed to establish a connection to the console. Please reload.

Failed to establish a connection to the console. Please reload.

Thank you for writing, I’m sorry to read you’re having issues with your Web Console. I can confirm it is currently functioning properly from our end, there are a few scenarios where console access from the control panel may be difficult or impossible:

1. If you are behind a restrictive firewall. Opening ports 6000-7000 will usually clear this up.
2. If you are on a network with a double-NAT configuration.
3. If you are behind a web-proxy (almost all mobile broadband connections configure a proxy).
4. If you are on a satellite or other high latency connection as this can cause timeouts.

Some additional steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue further are:

1. Clearing your browser’s cache
2. See if you are able to replicate the issue in another browser
My answer: make sure your proxy is set in windows’ LAN connections settings, then it will work past draconian proxies

how to use google cdn for scriptaculous and prototype googleapis

Basically include this script


but then if you want the submodules, it’s like this:

There are no minified versions, but apparently they’ll be gzipped which is practically already as good. ref:!topic/prototype-scriptaculous/_faqKXu9kJY

Another option that might work is to load your javascript [in rails] with like javascript_include_tag :defaults, :async => true

though I guess that async flag might screw things up LOL

or possibly use :defer instead of :async


postgres initdb createuser woe

c:\installs\postgres95_installed>usr\local\pgsql\bin\psql -h localhost -p 5555 template1
psql: FATAL: role “packrd” does not exist


meant “when it runs initdb, it creates by default a table named postgres, user <current user>”

What you’re typing there means, by default, “connect as user packrd, to table packrd” which don’t work so hot.