swamp/evaporative cooler two way tunnel cover with sliding damper

Appears…unfortunately <sigh> they don’t seem to exist.

The only covers with dampers I’ve ever found are here or here

You might be able to get a normal two way diffuser (grille) then cover it with one of these “draft shield”

Another option is to get a two way “non grille” ex: here

ex: A505MS Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.46.50 AM

I think these are typically for diffusing furnace vents in the ceiling.  They also “stick up” into the vent so have their own “internal closing” capability, I guess.  This would have worked for me.  Note that “multi shutter” is the normal heater vent “close/open” (which happens to also angle the air “in weird directions” as you close it, you know, that kind).  Opposed blade are the same but the blades “come together” so it’s like 4 pairs of blades that just come together to stop air flow.  Not sure which is ideal for swamp coolers, though opposed blade sounds interesting.

In the end I went with one of these though it can’t be covered by a draft shield.  Just “hoping” that being able to move those little flappers will be enough to keep the cold air out at night in those early spring/fall days 😐

Since that gives “even more control” (can make it go slightly in a 3rd direction, for instance).

I thought of getting one of those DIAL things with tunnel “cushion” also FWIW…but won’t since I don’t want to have to worry about storing it, taking the grille off twice a year as it were 😐

how to know if a tenant is using meth

I would schedule a “24 hour notice” just normal inspection, then take in a meth test kit (in my neck of the woods, you get them from the health department building “environmental services” and then send them into some 3rd party company that actually does the testing for you for $50/test).

So basically take a few swabs and have it tested.

Though doing it while they’re there seems problematic, since they might get mad at you (esp. if there is meth), not sure what to do there, depends on your relationship with the tenant…possibly get the police involved [?] though not sure there.

If it is meth and the police learn it is, you may be subject to slightly more rigorous cleanup (in my neck of the woods, UT, if it’s a meth cook house, it gets put on a list at the health department and you can clean it up yourself, or have it professionally cleaned, then it has to “test clean” when you’re done).

This might only tell you if they’ve been “producing” meth or “smoking” it but those are the two things most dangerous to the unit, in the end, afterall, and at least you’ll get another data point on them.

In my case I got mad at the tenant for having visitors too late.  They kept having them, so I evicted them for that. Then found out about the meth use later <sigh>.

can you boot to UDF USB

Actually, apparently, you cannot. (i.e. can’t copy an ISO file straight to USB and have that be bootable from the USB drive. Why? I have no idea, but the BIOSES wanted to be smarter when using USB I guess…and allow it to be “real” formatted, which…means a different format than CD’s would be. Weird.

java os x using registry

this meant “it should be using”

root cause in this case: in the /etc/hosts file an ‘errant line’ had been added inferring the address of the local computer’s name was

java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host:; nested exception is:

    java.net.ConnectException: Operation timed out

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